AMAZING STORIES: A Forgotten Classic is Revived!

I was surfing the web when I came across news of the revival of Amazing Stories, which reminded me of that classic Spielberg produced anthology series that I completely forgot about. This past weekend I decided to jump back into that old series before the new version was to debut on Apple TV+.

Maybe it's nostalgia playing a factor when discussing this show; watching the reruns as a kid really jump started my imagination with adventurous World War 2 stories, tales of ghosts and demons that haunted the viewer or time traveling, future jumping, alien invading stories of fantastic and fantasy driven content. Every episode, an original tale by filmmakers that helped revolutionize modern day storytelling like Spielberg, Dante, Scorsese, Kershner, and Eastwood.

Not a lot of people discuss just how great the show was in its short, two season run. Even the beloved little film, *batteries not included was once to be an episode before it was turned into the feature film starring Jessica Tandy. A movie about little spacecrafts arriving just when a small group of people are in a time of need–stories like that film alone should make anyone want to check out what group of episodes it was plucked from.

I could mention a dozen great episodes, with actors like a young Charlie Sheen, Mark Hamill, and Harvey Keitel, but out of the bunch there's one that sticks out over all the rest. The Steven Spielberg directed, The Mission, an episode that seemed more like a well budgeted short film,

with fantastic cinematography, takes place within a B-52 on one last mission before the crew is sent home–the John Williams score puts it over the top. Everything about this timeless story will make you want to revisit it like a beloved film. The Mission starred Kevin Costner and Kiefer Sutherland, during their early years in Hollywood, in this 'amazing story.'

With the stories so crisp in my mind and the nostalgia juices flowing, I turned on that first episode of the newly released show and was pleasantly surprised by the original theme grazing my eardrums, conducted beautifully–again–by John Williams. I wasn't sure what to expect, but it was actually an entertaining story about a cell phone wielding millennial who's thrusted back in time where modern technology doesn't exist. I won't spoil it for you, but it reminded me a little of that 1980 film Somewhere in Time with Christopher Reeve.

So far the continuation of Amazing Stories hasn't disappointed me or stopped my love for this series or its continuation on Apple TV+. Seeing what will come next is definitely on my short list of "must watch shows and movies of this month."

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