Bad Boys For Life Is Surprisingly Entertaining!

I was pessimistic at the release of a new Bad Boys film, even more so due to its premiere during a month where most movies are typically thrown away. I'm a fan of the first two films in the franchise and really didn't see a need for a third, but after walking out of the theater I was happy to see Will Smith and Martin Lawrence back in the roles that made them movie stars back in 1995. 

The dormant franchise was revived by two Belgian directors, known only for a few foreign films that I had never heard of, but will likely check out after seeing their U.S. debut. 

Mike Lowrey (Will Smith) is still the ladies man, living the single life in his high rise apartment as he still wears the badge with pride while serving in blue with his friend for life, Marcus Burnett (Martin Lawrence), the family man with a grand baby on the way and a daughter to give away at the alter.

A Mexican cartel, the formidable foe to the partners are more ruthless than the first two villains in the series. The stakes are way higher than ever before and they give no mercy as a few surprises are thrown at the detectives.

Vanessa Hudgens and Alexander Ludwig are the new recruits in the franchise, but they add little to their forgettable roles–which isn't to say they were bad, just not given enough to do anything worth remembering. 

The action is high-octane, the comedy is still fun with a vibe most would say parallels films with the, 'I'm old but still got it' tone. I never really considered the two actors to be in that phase in there life yet, where the audience sees them as old, but I guess to a twenty year old someone in there fifties would qualify. 

If you're looking for an old school action flick where the police shoot first and ask questions later, make jokes during shootouts as they take out bad guy after bad guy with a quip or one liner to follow, with a little family friendly fun sprinkled in between then Bad Boys For Life is your cup answer.

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