Where Should We Get Our News?

Updated: Feb 1, 2020

Have you ever checked out a certain news channel and wondered if the information given to you was fact or opinion? I feel that everything I watch on television is biased to one side of the aisle or the other. CNN and MSNBC are way left leaning while FOX News is very much a right wing news outlet, but out of the three FOX is the only channel that doesn't jump to conclusions and at least tries to report the facts rather than report on opinion. So who should we listen to and how sure are we that what we hear is what is true?

CNN's ratings are at their lowest, the best viewership they have are from YouTube videos that point out the blatant biased they have against Trump and his conservative followers, case in point a clip of Don Lemon laughing during a panel of jokes and mockery directed at the president and conservative voters has recently went viral two days after the show aired, which reached 11 million views as of January 28, 2020. The spiraling numbers of CNN seemed to start dropping when the Russia probe came up empty. Things grew worse when the news broke on Jussie Smollett and the horrible hate crime committed on him in the early morning hours in January 2019, which also seemed to be false as Jussie had allegedly manipulated the entire situation. Then there was the Covington Kids case where young conservatives were seen on video mocking a Native American in Washington D.C., a clip that was edited out of context and later discredited as fact.

But it wasn't just CNN who took the bait on these stories, as MSNBC was also in on some of these false reports, the only platform who seemed to rely on the facts was actually FOX, a news outlet who very much leans to the right. Recently it was reported that FOX had their highest ratings this month since November 2016, an impressive feat which only could mean that many viewers have switched from CNN and MSNBC to Fox due to credible reporting over neglectful opinion that's disguised as news, but many opinion panels on the network do highlight the presidents achievements while glossing over many of his faults. It is true that the economy is the best it's been in over fifty years, the unemployment percentage is at its lowest in decades and the middle class has averaged more annual earnings than ever before. There is no denying that Donald Trump has done good things for the U.S. economy, but it's also the job of every news platform to report on the negative as well as the positive and leaving the biased opinion at home. Trump's tweets, foreign policies and spending are questionable, but depending on who you watch, these topics are either good or bad, and we're all left with the question 'Who's right?'

There was a time when reporting was used to help keep politicians in check and guide them to do right by us instead of wasting our tax money on the insignificant, and use it to find affordable healthcare for citizens, to find better ways at managing the governments spending so we can start paying back the 21.6 trillion dollars in debt we currently have and work together to better every American citizens life. Now we haven't a clue what and who we can trust 100% in the media as these politicians play with our money and get rich sitting in seats we placed them in to do nothing for us in the end.

I started this post with the question 'Where should we get our news?' If you want the facts from a credible news source on television, I'd say check out public television, PBS or even BBC, they seem to be the least biased places to gather factual information than any of the big names today. The real news outlets to check out though are or the, online news platforms who generally stay in the middle and report rather than take a side.

This, of course, is my opinion and I am in no way a reporter, but I at least try and get my facts before I write a word down, which is what anyone, reporter or not, should do.

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